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Holiday Program Child Care

IMPORTANT – If you have not paid for your holiday care but you have confirmed your booking in writing to Kidz Time, and then cancel your booking, you will still be charged in full.  If we can fill your cancelled space, only an administration fee will be applied.


  • I agree my school holiday booking will only be confirmed once Kidz Time has received my completed booking form and full payment including any additional excursion costs (or $10 deposit per day per child for existing WINZ clients). Alternatively, at the discretion of Management, a holiday booking may be confirmed by Management in writing if a family have agreed to pay their holiday booking by payment instalments.
    • I agree that if I cancel (for any reason), or make a change to my booking, I will not receive a refund. This includes those who have not paid for their booking, but have confirmed their booking in writing (by email) to Kidz Time.  In some circumstances, if we can fill your spot, a refund will be given – minus a 20% administration fee per child .
  • If you cancel your booking, any extra excursion cost can only be refunded if Kidz Time have NOT paid the supplier for the excursion cost in advance.
  • I agree if my child is absent/sick on any day(s) no refund can be given (no matter how much advanced notification is given), mainly due to staff rostering.
  • Kidz Time staff will exercise due care, but accidents do happen. I agree and authorise medical care if urgently required


  • WINZ eligible clients – I agree to pay the Kidz Time School holiday fees in full if my child has not attended Kidz Time in the past 12 weeks, this includes Before, After and School Holiday Care. Kidz Time will then refund me the difference when the WINZ subsidy for my child is received by Kidz Time
  • If I am applying for the WINZ subsidy I agree to pay the Kidz Time School holiday fees in full if my child has never attended Kidz Time (new enrolment) or if a previous WINZ application has been declined by WINZ. Kidz Time will then refund me the difference when the WINZ subsidy is received by Kidz Time.
  • I agree it is my responsibility to ensure Kidz Time have signed my subsidy Form (Declaration OR Full Application) if I am Applying for the WINZ subsidy. I understand Kidz Time cannot accept my school holiday booking form unless the WINZ Application or Declaration Form accompanies this booking form.
  • I agree, once my WINZ subsidy is paid to Kidz Time, I will pay Kidz Time any balance owing within 5 working days of the invoice date to avoid a late fee.
Privacy Act (1993): The information that you have supplied to Kidz Time Chc Ltd is necessary for the safe and effective operation of our programme, refusal to provide us any information may lead to your enrolment being declined. If we do not have all the required information we are unable to ensure the safety of your child/ren. Ministry of Social Development Auditors have the authority to access this information under the Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1989. Should you default in your fee payment to Kidz Time Chc Ltd, we will engage a debt collection agency to recover the amount and/or pass this information on to another OSCAR programme that your child attends. You have the right of access to check and correct any personal information you have supplied to Kidz Time Chc Ltd at any time. We are required by law to keep this information for 7 years after your child leaves our programme.
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