Please visit us! 

We invite you to come and visit our programme and meet the staff and children. We operate an open door policy so please pop in and talk with the Programme Coordinator, Emajane. We often have to waitlist children due to the demand of our programme, so we encourage all families to enrol online via our website.  This will ensure your child is registered with Kidz Time and we can contact you to discuss your child’s enrolment.



Subsidy Information

WINZ (Work and Income New Zealand) offer a subsidy to eligible families to assist them with their childcare costs.  The amount you are entitled to can vary depending on your eligibility criteria.

From 3rd April 2017 the subsidy rate information is as follows: 

Rate 0: $5.06 per hour,      Rate 1: $4.04 per hour,      Rate 2: $2.82 per hour,      Rate 3: $1.57 per hour




General Routine for Before and After School Care 


Our Before School Care programme operates from 7:30-8:30am Monday to Friday during the primary school term.

We believe before school care needs to be relaxed and a time for the children to chill out before their big day at school. Children arrive throughout the morning and enjoy playing quiet games, colouring, crafts and activities. We ask that children have breakfast before arriving at Kidz Time. When the 8:30 bell rings children will head off to their classrooms. Kidz Time staff can accompany newly enrolled/younger children to their class and help them undertake their morning tasks and settle in at school.



After school care at Kidz Time is a fun, safe and exciting environment for kids after school.  Children make their way to us at 3:00pm, apart from all year zero, one and two children are collected from their classrooms everyday.

A light afternoon tea is provided consisting of sandwiches, fruit, and a healthy treat such as popcorn or pretzels.

Children are encouraged to bring their homework to Kidz Time and we spend time assisting children with the reading, spelling, maths. After this it’s time for the kids to kick back and enjoy spending time with fellow classmates. We have full use of all the school playgrounds, fields and courts for the children to keep active. There are plenty of arts and crafts, games and toys to keep our children busy until they are collected – any time up until 6pm.

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