About Kidz Time

Founded in 1999, our Kidz Time vision has always had one focus in mind, to ensure your child is cared for in a safe and caring environment while experiencing quality childcare outside school hours.  Kidz Time has grown considerably over the past 22 years to become one of Christchurch’s most reputable and long servicing OSCAR Programmes.  We can assure you that our experience and knowledge we have gained over these 22 years ensures your child gets the most out of their time spent with us. Whether it be attending our before school care programme, after school care programme, or school holiday programme, our experienced and mature programme coordinator spends many hours ensuring daily activities are well planned to meet the needs of all our children.
Management, alongside our team of well respected staff, have been trained to ensure each programme at Kidz Time provides adventure, excitement, action, relaxation, new experiences, and team building, all in a welcoming and caring environment.
We strongly believe in supporting Paparoa Street School and their wonderful children.  Our programme coordinator, Emajane, has a fantastic relationship with the teachers and support staff at Paparoa Street School.  This has allowed all our staff to develop meaningful and positive relationships with each and every child who attends Kidz Time.
We welcome our brand new Kidz Time logo.  This logo incorporates our strengthened values and vision at Kidz Time.  You will see one boy and one girl, they are both holding hands, a tree stands tall and lush in the background. The two children show how we embrace diverse cultures at Kidz Time by offering a varied programme full of multiculturalism.  We encourage friendships and positive play at Kidz Time and strive to help children develop positive social skills, this is incorporated by the two children holding hands.  We have integrated the lush green tree into our logo as it best represents how important the growth of your child is.  We strive to offer a welcoming, caring, friendly, supportive and independent environment to enable your child to be cared for from our delicate new entrant aged children, right up until they have grown into confident and competent learners at Intermediate School.  No matter the age of your child, they are important to us at Kidz Time
And lastly, of course both children in our logo are happy and smiling, that’s simply because we can assure you that your child will be happy and well cared for during their time spent with us.
On a personal note, thank you to all the dedicated, hard working staff, and exceptional learners and their families at Paparoa Street School.  We are sincerely grateful for your continued support of Kidz Time over the past 22 years.  We have enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to our continued partnership.

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